Hi, I am Sumarie - wedding and lifestyle photographer. I am a sucker for love. It is the driving force behind my passion for photography. I love capturing emotion and the different kinds and expressions of love.

Here is how it all started...

My story started almost 10 years ago when I bought my first DSLR camera in 2009. Very impressed with it, I had no idea how it works!

Photography was always an interest of mine, but after school I studied Radiography and decided that taking pictures from people’s insides are far more interesting. But the love for photos and people never quite left me and when I got my first camera, I did a 6 month course to get to know it a bit better. We became very good friends…

Long story short, it took some persuasion from a friend before photography turned into a profession. I officially started my own business as a professional photographer in Bloemfontein in 2013. Concentrating mostly on weddings and lifestyle sessions.

I find capturing love to be very rewarding, whether it’s the love of two people, or someone or something that you love. I want to encapsulate that special moment for you. I find weddings especially enchanting; couples in love and anticipating their future life together.

I also love capturing details,  at a wedding or lifestyle session. I always try and make sure the people I work with are comfortable and having fun while doing their sessions. I encourage them and make them see and feel their natural beauty. I try to capture spontaneous images, the spontaneous moment when two people look into each other’s eyes, a brotherly or sisterly hug, a toddler’s burst of excitement or a baby’s yawn. These spontaneous moments, to me, are the ones that inspire me.

Weddings are the start of something beautiful. The couple’s love, anticipation, excitement and satisfaction are all in one big event. From start to finish, I capture the important and spontaneous details of this event. I stop time for you.

Lifestyle sessions I get to know people up close and personal.  I weave these images for you to own and tell your story, whether we have fun outside in nature or you invite me into the comfort of your own home where you feel at ease and relaxed. They are about personality and different stories told through images.

Let me tell your story…

With love